Global Corporate Sustainability & Social Responsibility 2019 Conference 2019 

November 25-26 | New York, USA




Inspiration around every corner.

CSR Live Week is two days of inspiration, giving back, and having the time of your life with fellow impact leaders — all at the global corporate social responsibility and business sustainability conference. 

Save the date and get ready for CSR Live Week ’19.

CSR Live Week is a community of people who are passionate about responsibility towards people and planet and delighting stakeholders with responsible and sustainable business practices. Our annual event and year-round media platform inspire and educate hundreds of thousands of people so that they—and their businesses—can grow better.

We believe that we’re all people first, and that empathy and humanity are at the core of doing business. We bring together speakers who are passionate not just about improving the bottom line, but also about building a brighter, kinder, and more inclusive future.

CSR Live Week is hosted with love by Liveweek LLC, a social impact company and we’re proud to bring together a community of industry professionals that come together to learn, get inspired, and grow better together.







CSR Good Book Release

A compendium of sustainable and socially responsible brands, corporations and foundations, CSR Good Book helps your organization, highlight its ongoing CSR Efforts and Sustainable Business Practices.

Get ready for the social adventure!

Mahatma Award for CSR Excellence and Social Good

If your organization is making sustainability and environmental progress while keeping social responsibility a core part of its operations with the goal of making a lasting impact on the health of the planet and it's people, we encourage you to apply for Mahatma Awards for CSR Excellence.

Inspiration around every corner. 




Responsibility Exhibition​

the most innovative part of

CSR Live Week​ 

Come and visit responsibility exhibits and see the best of social business around. CSR Live Week is the number one place to showcase your social efforts and initiatives and sustainable business practices and connect with the CSR community.  With an exhibit table space you will be able to  showcase live your CSR Work at the event.

CSR Live Week celebrates the Human, Responsible

and Sustainable side of the Business.